Oil inlet M34×1.5
Maximum flow 38 L/Min
Working pressure 0.35 Mpa
Weight 1.6Kg
Temperature -20℃-+40℃
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The vapor recovery fuel nozzle is a vapor recovery fuel nozzle specially tailored for Chinese customers. In addition to maintaining the consistent foreign advanced technology level, this fuel nozzle is unique for the diversity of automobile fuel tanks in the Chinese market. The design and improvement of the company will serve Chinese customers with more professional and personalized products. It can be applied to centralized oil and gas recovery system and decentralized oil and gas recovery system. It has strong versatility and can replace Snow Dog, Vedruth and Franklin.

1. Safe and stable working performance:
The unique barrel design is more suitable for the characteristics of the diversity of automobile fuel tanks in the Chinese market, can effectively avoid the occurrence of abnormal gun jumping, and work more stable and reliable. The oil gun can only be opened when there is oil pressure to prevent accidental oil injection. The main valve is opened in reverse oil flow, which enhances the safety factor during use. Low air resistance and liquid resistance design. Accurate flow control: The user can precisely control the flow rate and the amount of refueling nozzles according to their needs.
2. Fully optimized structure design:
● The fuel nozzle is equipped with a gas-sealing cover, which can effectively improve the effect of gas recovery.
● The coaxial stainless steel barrel makes the fueling gun more durable.
● The popular two-section sheath design not only enhances the beauty of the fuel gun, but also avoids the abrasion of the holster at the handle.
● Easy to operate and maintain: standard component design, easy to replace and replace parts, easy to maintain.
● It has the similar feel and operation method to the conventional fuel gun, comfortable and convenient to use, especially suitable for Asian fuelers.
● High quality assurance: Each fueling gun is designed strictly in accordance with the scientific fluid mechanics model and has undergone strict safety tests.
The fueling gun is designed to open and close the oil circuit and the gas circuit at the same time, effectively ensuring the overall airtightness of the gas circuit.
Strong versatility, compatible with brands such as ZVA/HUSKY, Vidruth, Franklin, etc.

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