Power supply voltage: 220VAC±15%
Input current: 2A
Power: 400W
Output voltage: 310VDC±15%
Variable frequency oil and gas recovery vacuum pump parameters
Input voltage: 310VDC±15%
DC frequency conversion power: 370W
Speed: 0-2900 rpm
Noise: 70dB (A)
Rated flow: 70L/min
Explosion-proof mark: Ex d IIB T4 Gb
Protection level: IP55
Packaging: 1 piece/carton
Net weight: 6kg
Gross weight: 7kg
Size: 370mm*210mm*240mm
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I. Overview:

1.1 The explosion-proof performance of the oil and gas recovery vacuum pump complies with GB3836.1-2010 for use in explosive environments Part 1: General requirements for equipment, GB3836.2-2010 for explosive environments Part 2: equipment protected by explosion-proof shell "d", made explosion-proof type. The explosion-proof mark is Ex d IIB T4 G. It is suitable for factories in Category IIA and IIB, and in places where flammable gases or explosive gas mixtures formed by steam and air are in the temperature group T1-T4. The electrical performance of this product complies with Q/WJH 16 -2020 "Oil Vapor Recovery Vacuum Pump" regulations.

1.2 The pump has the characteristics of small size, light weight, long life, low noise, meterable, and beautiful appearance.

1.3 The relevant technical data, drawings and prototypes of the pump and motor have been reviewed and inspected by the explosion-proof electrical institute, and the "explosion-proof certificate" issued by the explosion-proof inspection unit has been obtained.

2. Installation, operation and use

2.1 The ambient air temperature is -40C~+60C.
2.2 The explosion-proof level and temperature group of the oil and gas recovery vacuum pump meet the requirements for explosive gas environments
2.3 Before installation, check whether the following items meet the requirements. If they do not meet the requirements, they are not allowed to be used.
2.4 The data on the proofreading nameplate should meet the usage requirements.
2.5 There is an explosion-proof mark and explosion-proof certificate number.
2.6 All fasteners are not missing, and the explosion-proof shell parts are properly connected.
2.7 For oil and gas recovery vacuum pumps that have been transported over long distances or left unused for a long time (for half a year or more), a 500-volt megohmmeter should be used to measure the insulation resistance value between the stator winding and the casing before use. When the rated voltage is 220V, it should not be less than 50M2 , otherwise the motor should be dried until the insulation resistance is qualified. The drying method: You can turn on the heater or use incandescent lamp or infrared heating. When heating, the winding temperature should gradually increase, but it should not exceed the value 135C specified by the insulation grade.
2.8 All grounding terminals should be reliably grounded! The bolts on the external grounding mark are dedicated for grounding.
2.9 When the oil vapor recovery vacuum pump is in normal operation, the maximum temperature on the surface of the motor housing should not exceed 130°C.
2.10 It is strictly prohibited to open the cover or disassemble while the power is on.
2.11 The difference between the minimum diameter of the cable and the inner diameter of the sealing ring of the entry device shall not be greater than 1 mm.

The 485 communication control speed can automatically adjust the gas volume, and the screen can display the gas-liquid ratio. It can be used for online monitoring. It is easy to install, small in size, light in weight, low in noise, and measurable.

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